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October 13, 2007



How I wish I could do a workshop with you, I love the things you do right now and wish I could do the same outhere.
Unfortunately the people overhere don't fancy it and say they can take the photos themselves. What a shame isn't it? I love the Christmas cards and the idea of doing it like this.
Anyway the colors just rock and I would love to do it just like that. My PSP isn't working great and I'm waiting to start with photoshop. Would love to get those great colors you have.
Teri thank you so much for sharing all the lovely photos, you are doing so great.



I love your style. The rich, vibrant colors are amazing! Are you shooting in RAW and pre processing to get this detail and saturation?

- Scrapless Press


Love these pictures. So vibrant and real! Beautiful colors and family!


I love these photos! And just wanted to say I emailed you about the previous post (workshop) because I want to create photos like YOURS! I've been a pro for 2 years now and really want to step it up a notch. Can't wait to learn what your agenda for the workshops will be. Really hoping it's a live session, and how to create art like you do! -B


These are gorgeous! You photography the prettiest people! Colors are yummy.


these are awesome colors!


simply awesome color and photos! i love your blog!

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