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May 05, 2006



So glad you thought it all over and keep telling us some stories about your lifes. So gald you keep sharing those photos with us you are such a blessed photographer. I enjoy the things you write and the photos you share with all of us.
So from the other side of the world, a very bit hug, love you Teri, thank you for being such a good friend


Linda J

Again - a wonderful, heartfelt blog post that I was able to read this morning as I drink my coffee and thank God for my day ahead. I am so glad that you are choosing to let your love of the Lord shine through in your writings here. It is so much a part of who you are - even if you tried ... it can not be deleted. Wishing you and your family a joy filled weekend.:)


Well - if you delete all your could write a book! Hee Hee!

Like I said in the last post, God shines through in all that you do.

It is inevitable.

It is undeniably you.


amen! yippee!! praise God!!!

so glad you chose to continue shining for Him through all that you do on this blog. i think it will make you and your professional blog stand OUT amoungst the worldly blogs!


Sarah T.

I love your blog! One of my very favorites! So glad you are choosing to continue to share your faith and inspirations plus your beautiful photos. Glad you are staying safe and understand your choice. Smart move.



I know- you don't know me and probably never will, but somehow I feel as though I know you and am thankful that I have been able to discover you throughout the last year or so and look forward to what is yet to come.I am glad that you will still continue to post. I am so inspired not only by your photography, but also your faith and would hate to loose that.


So thankful for this amazing decision!

Wendy Baker

I know this comment will just re-state what others have already said, but thank-you for keeping your faith a part of your blog. I can't even remember how I found your blog, but it has been a blessing to me over the past year. You are extremely talented and have been blessed with many creative gifts and I thank-you for sharing them with the world. Have a blessed week.

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