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May 03, 2006



You are so right, sadly to say but you are. I'm not telling the names of my family online alsways DH, DS or DD. I'm not telling everything on the blog, it is too personal and people can take advantage of that. Just like the photo of "little boys" don't you think that is disgusting? Sometimes you thing you can't even put one single photo on the net just in case. So sorry though you have to take these steps. I will surely miss your stories and personal photos. But I can understand completely.

Hugs Alette

missy s

teri you are so right! i just deleted mine last month, after i printed it all out like you are, and i hated hitting the button, but i do feel better now that i did. i was putting way too much out there that others did not need to know. my heart sinks everytime i see someone post pics of the kids in something other than regular clothes, kwim? there are just way too many bad folks out there.


I hate that we live in such a fallen world that we need to be careful of things such as this :( I hope that you don't fully disappear from teh blog world- you are such an inspiration.

Teri F

Thanks, not completely. I'll keep this blog...just never again post photos of my kids or info about them or my family in detail :(

But I'll probably keep the inspiration category---less the stories of the kids.

Thanks guys!


so sad, isn't it? one of the reasons i post without a link back to my email or anything. i don't blog, but if i did, i would surely be careful.

i sure do love your stories though. i will miss them. glad to know you'll still be here though, at least sharing your talent in photography!


ps: bree isn't even my real name. THAT'S how private i am! too funny, hugh?


You are right Teri...DH has always had issues with my blog since the beginning...I guess I tend to be too trusting. Too bad you couldn't just keep it as it was, but use a password instead and just let close friends and familiy members access it. I might go back and do that instead of deleting posts. Not sure yet what I'll be doing but yes, I've been thinking a lot about that too.


So true and so sad. I'm so sorry you've been disheartened in this way. And so thankful that it bugged you and you researched it and dealt with it. Trust those nudges God gives you! :)

Teri F.

FYI to everyone: I will probably start a personal blog again someday...with a password...and will surely share that with you, my blogging friends and readers of the past year. ;)



I so hope you just won't stop I missed your stories and photos the last few months. But I can understand why. So sad, but I hope we do keep in touch.

Big hugs Alette

Linda J

So sorry that you have to deal with all this Teri. It really is sad with so much good in the world, that the bad can have such a sweeping affect on all of us. I will miss your blog so much -- but totally understand your decision. Hope that if you start a new password protected blog that you will include me in those that would love to read it.
God's blessings to you and your family.

~leah g~

I am sad to know that your postings may limited in the future. But, I completely understand and respect your decision to do so. I can only imagine that finding your personal pictures come up in various Google searches must be, not only eye-opening, but in some regards, downright creepy. I know of at least one other photographer who had the same concerns and decided to remove her blogs altogether.

Since I am actually posting, which I rarely ever do, I just wanted to let you know how completely inspiring your journey to professional photography has been for me. I have loved photography for a long time, but only after recent inquiries and promptings by friends have I begun to take it more seriously. Watching you grow into the profession has helped me to see that it isn't impossible if it is meant for me to do. I am starting with baby steps. . . Thank you for the inspiration!


I originally did my blog with first and last name, and then immediately decided against it. So although I share some personal things, I try to keep my last name out of it. I'm not really afraid, Don't feel famous enough for anyone to really care. I feel that God uses my blog to bless a whole lot of folks, and for that I feel protected.....I feel like God is much bigger than all of that.


Teri - It is sad and sickening to know that people take something that is good and use it for evil. Utterly disheartening. IF anyone DID visit your blog, hopefully they got convicted, because God shines through you in every post! And those kind of people really need salvation!

You know this so well: All things happen for a reason. Your personal blog was just for a season. A season - I am completely grateful for!

All my best,


I so know where you are coming from Teri. It is just so sad that the world is full of sick people that cause us to be cautious about what we say and do.
So glad that you will still be here though in whatever format you choose.

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