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May 14, 2006



such a beautiful description of who I would love to be. thanks for that.

and congratulations to you mom! i love that banner! i'll be reading up on her tips for sure!

heidi z



Payed you mom's new blog a visit it sure looks wonderful. What a great gift you two gave her. You truly are wonderful women.

Lots of love Alette

have a wonderful day today. Our kids gave me a precious gift for mothersday. Just put a photo on my blog.



Love that Proverbs! It was read at my best friends Grandmothers funeral. She was 100 when she died, and was in the true sense truely a Proverbs 31 woman her whole life. Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day Teri. What a great gift you gave your mom. Your blog entry ... once again a ray of Light. Thank you! Your blog topper -- beautiful!!!!

Debra B.

Once again, you've made me cry. I love your words and own interpretation of the woman of Proverbs 31. You are so blessed by God to speak straight to my own heart. Thank you so much for that, Teri. Even though I've never met you and probably never will, you have been used by God to lift me up more times than you will ever, ever know. Just through the writings on your blog. I hardly ever post, but am a faithful reader so wanted to say this today.

And what a wonderful and lovely gift to give your mom! I will be adding it to my favorites, for sure.

Debra B.

Awesome post Teri! I loved it! I hope you had an amazing Happy Mother's Day! What a great gift for your mom! And I love your new banner and the one on your mom's site too! Can't wait to keep coming back to read what she'll share with us! You have a beaufitul family!


What a wonderful thing to do for your Mom.
The Proverbs woman is whom I hope to one day be able to fully model in my own life. Thank you for sharing this with me again.


What a cool mom could use a photography blog...

so cool!



I hope you had a BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day Teri! You are so BEAUTIFUL yourself! Thank you for sharing that with us! :)))

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