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November 22, 2005



Thanks for all the tips you gave Teri, I can learn a lot from all of that. Wish I had my camera so I could go out practicing :)
Anyway, in the meanwhile I took some photos of Melanie on an old locomotive. They are on my blog. Not as I wanted them to be, but it will have to do :)

I will surely take a look around for some books, maybe the library can help me out :)

have a nice day

hugs Alette


Thank you for answering my ?? on white balance...I will have to play with these settings and go check into a grey card.

Your photos are...beyond beautiful. I hope you keep posting more of them. You are so inspiring to me!

Thakns again, Terri.



Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am like a sponge when you are "speaking photography". I advance slowly under your tutelage.

Soaring.... that's how I see you now.

See 'ya


Thanks for the fabulous I've got *homework* to do (keep reading magazine and photography books).
You cracked me up with the comment about the red lights in are so right! I have a 45-55 minute commute to work each morning and the same on the way home back at I get to do what you do sometimes too (but shh, that's our secret, LOL).
Have a great THANKSGIVING weekend!!!


Thank you Teri! I am copy pasting this post and printing it out and going to start playing around with my camera today. I too have always been a Nikon fan, but when I chose my SLR, I went with the canon. I am super happy with it, and agree that both brands are excellent to go with. I have little hands and the canon just felt much better in my hands as I was testing them.

I love your photos! YOU are remarkable...your talent exudes you! :))))



Oh WOW!!! Thank you SOOOO much Teri for all the info. I need to digest it. You are an awesome girl for sharing so much with us.

Becki C.

Wow. You're pictures are amazing. The eyes are so brilliant and really stand-out in each picture!

You will go so far...and thanks for the generosity in the info you shared...although I suspect there's a ton more to it, like, YOUR TALENT and YOUR EYE for one! lol!


Shelley Rankin

so wonderful for you to take the time to share all of this info. lady! Your the best and truly care about others. These photos are wonderful. I don't use channel mixers for my B&W's but I think I will give it a go.

Email me sometime!


Teri thanks so much for your awesome post today! Your pictures truly are amazing and you capture the most beautiful moments.
So when can I come and play photographers at your house ;o)


Teri, Thanks for all your wonderful information. It is very helpful! Your photography is AMAZING! So thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings, Tawnya

heidi z

That is awesome...Great entry...great info...and I LOVE those pix...your friend must be so excited with those photographs...

Happy Thanksgiving...and don't eat too much turkey and pumpkin pie...

ps...8 days soda free...

Thanks for the nice words about my article...I wish they would have posted my step-outs, but oh-well...

Heather D. White

HOLY CRAP TERI!!!! Your photography seriously blows me away! WOW!!!! These photos are absolutely BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

Alette de Vries

Happy Thanksgiving for you and your family Teri. And wow I just love your photo when you were a little girl. This is so precious, really beautiful



Hi Teri,
Me again, just wanting to wish a wonderful Thanksgiving! And I wanted to say to you:
Thank you for the wonderful inspiration that your blog has brought into my life! Thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of us!
Many hugs,
P.S. Oh yes, and I love that adorable picture of you when you were little!


Wow Teri, What great info you included here!! Thanks for all the insight!! You are such a wonderful photographer! I definately enjoy clicking on your blog to see your beautiful photos either by themselves or on one of your AWESOME layouts!!
Thanks for sharing!!


very interesting info here! I have yet to get Photoshop but when I do I will have to reference this post.
I assume you print your own photos as well, could I ask what type of printer you have?

Have a great day!


wow- love the photos you shared in your examples. your colors just pop off the page! thanks for sharing your knowledge!


wow- love the photos you shared in your examples. your colors just pop off the page! thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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