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November 13, 2005



This is an awesome story. What song was this? I would love to hear it especially knowing the story behind it.


This is an awesome story. What song was this? I would love to hear it especially knowing the story behind it.


Amazing story indeed. OK, now I better redo the mascara...yeap, you made me cry today. But then again, a lot of your posts do. Sometimes, happy cry, others like today, it's a bit of a "soul cry". I lost my little brother to brain cancer at the age of 6 (I was 12 and he was half my age) so every time I hear stories about young children who pass away, the memories just rush back.


What an amazing story Teri, I can imagine getting teary eyes while listening to a story like that.

I love the photos you made of the children, they look so gorgeous in their new outfits. Wow those eyes of your kids, they are beautiful.

have a nice day

p.s. I love the music of Nichole, that woman can really sing


Hi, a friend sent me a letter reccommending your post..

It is a beautiful song... and God surely must of had His hand on these families and still does because the families are so close..

I have lost a child.. and I could not have done that at the time.. Though I can see the great powerful message now after many years..

God is good to all of us.....

God bless you.. from Sharon

Linda J

What powerful emotions there must have been at the concert - so glad you were able to attend. - Beautiful pictures!

Shelley Rankin

Oh wow girl. This sounds amazing, the story is amazing. And how wonderful you got to go and enjoy her talent. What a story. Great pictures. Your so talented!


How touching and inspiring your blog is!! I just love reading it because of these reasons. I love Nicold Nordeman, she has such a beautiful voice and such wonderful music. Thank you for sharing with us the lyrics to the song, so touching!


Teri - OMG!!! That story is AMAZING. The song is beautiful. Just beautiful. So touching. The God we serve is awesome indeed. And sometimes, a lot of times, it's hard to figure out just what He is doing. Or why he does allow certain things - especially tragic things. But I praise God that he can give us that peace amidst those hard times. I really love that song. I'm thinking I should go get her CD! I've seen her in concert a LONG time ago - but never had her CD.

Your photography is stunning!!! Keep on keepin' on! Take the risk to do what you love and see where the Lord takes you!

All my best,


That sounds amazing and completely moving! What an awesome experience! I love her singing too and have all her CD's...just amazing!

God is good ALL the true.

Love your photography and bright vivid colors you always capture. :))))



Oh wow- I am sitting here in tears. Thank you so much for this story- I love the openess you have about sharing your faith- when so many try and hide behind a disguise- you are there shining bright for Him. Thank you.


Hi, stumbled across you doing a web search... just wanted to say that I really adore Nichole Nordeman. I think Woven & Spun is possibly one of the greatest CDs ever made. It's very inspirational.


You can hear the song here:

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