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November 09, 2005



Okay Teri - In the words of another woman on your previous post - you NEVER cease to amaze me!

Thank you so much for being brave. It is a testament that God is working in us and through us.

Funny how God works. I was a "camouflage" Christian for many, many years! Not really fitting in with my non-Christian friends OR my Christian friends! Feeling "in the middle". Then in college after I had moved out, I somehow ended back at home with my mom. And for a year I had to drive 1 1/2 hours to work one way every day. For some reason all I listened to was Christian radio. Not music, rather teaching. Every day, three hours a day, for one year. My life was forever changed. I was in traffic, cultivating and nourishing my mind with the things of the Lord. Even though I went back home to be with my mom, the Lord, wanted me back home with him.

Since then, sure I have fallen short of God's glory. I have failed many times. But God is always there to lift me up. To teach me. To refine me. There is an awesome reward to standing up to your faith in this world that is so against God. It is truly undescribable, isn't it?

I think I told you this story before, but when my mom first came to know the Lord, she was asked by a friend to go "witnessing" in a park. My mom did NOT want to go! She didn't know WHAT to say to strangers. But her friend just said, share your testimony. Share what you DO know. So reluctantly she went to this park. She walked up to a man with his daughter and said, "Do you know Jesus?" He looked at her a bit strange, said "No" and just walked away. That was it. The next day, my mom went to work and immediately when she walked in her office, people said she was "glowing" just beaming. And my mom could not stop smiling. She said she had so much JOY that she could not contain it. If she had anymore, she said, her body would literally burst. And then she knew what the joy of the Lord really was!!! She has never felt it again - but knew that God gave her a small taste of what heaven would be like because she was faithful to his call, even though she felt inadequate.

God is so good. I am so glad my mom was brave so that I could look to her to be my living example. If only I could be that to my girls. That is my hope.

To be brave.


P.S. You are so awesome! ;)


Amen to everything you just said. I couldn't say it any better. Being brave in the present world can be a challenge...the quest is not worrying about the "good opinion" that others have about yourself, but rather wanting to seek God's good opinion of who you the end it is always between ourselves and God, not between us and the world.
We need more people like you in this earth (with your strength, determination, inspiration, courage, morals...) to make this a better place!!! Keep shinning your light for the world to see.


Teri, I'm brave enough to respond that you are an incredible woman of God, and undoubtedly an inspiration to many. Count me among them.

I've often commented on your blog, but today your words are so noteworthy that any comment doesn't do them justice. I will print your entry today and keep in at hand as a reminder when I need to stand up and be brave in my own Christian journey.

Thank you for sharing today.


PS -- Don, go give this incredible wife of yours a big hug. She merits it -- and so do you!


Teri, I am so glad that I found your blog. Thank you for your willingness to put yourself out there . . . to be brave. I love the song, knew some of the words, thanks for putting all the words here so that I can get the full meaning of it. I am so convicted through your words about TV programming. I've let my guard down recently and we are watching things that seem okay but really aren't. Thanks for the reminder. Again, thanks for being brave enough to take your stand here, you have certainly inspired me in more ways than one. God is truly using you.



Remember when we talked about help coaching me spiritually... well at first I was hoping we would be in more contact and really grow closer and learn together more and more... when I read your blog today I have to tell you that you have done just that! You are totally right on 100% and you will be rewarded for being you and for trusting in HIM no matter what! When we look at today in the midst of eternity we should be spending more of our time building the kingdown as our time here on earth we never know when it will in fact be over and then what?? our friends and even family may not be with us when are gone... it is up to us to do our best now to live for Him and not for others... we may be the only ones who have the chance to tell or show someone His love for them. Right now is the time.. even if it is uncomfortable. Thank you for clearing things up again and for sharing so much of your heart. I love you and thank you for it! Have a great day. Hugs to you and your family! Love, Tawnya


Excellent post! Thanks for sharing! Something we struggle with too...knowing HOW and WHEN to share HIM...wanting to draw others to HIM and not scare them away!

leigh ann

so important to not just have beliefs, but to share them and stand up for them--what a wonderful post! And someday, your kids will thank you for your stand--probably when they have kids of their own and pass their beliefs on to them!


Love that song... I must find my cd... it seems to have disappeared when we bought the new car. Maybe it got left in the old car and is encouraging someone else to be brave. Thanks for the reminder. : )

CHristian Anderson

I have been reading your blog for the last 2 weeks and I am so inspired by it.
You are truly an amazing woman. Although I have never met you personally I hope that someday soon I will.
Your blog could serve as a devotional for me. Everytime I read it, I find myself drawn to the Lord even more.
After the Tradigi book is complete maybe you would think about a devotional book. I would buy it.
Anyway, I know that the Lord has given you a great platform to speak His truths and to be "Brave" for Him.
Thanks again.

Lisa Russell

Have a great time! I don't think I've heard the David Phelps CD - I'll have to look into it! Our church has a bookstore so I'll see if they have it in yet. Thanks for being BRAVE! It is an encouragement to all of us!


Man you so Rock! I heard "What If" on the way to work on Wednesday. I encounter so many people in the leadership role I am in at church, who desire to know God better, but are unwilling to let go of control. They question everything, which is good, but at some point you just gotta let go and believe. The What if song speaks to that so well. You are my inspirational hero! You write so well.


Thank You for your spirit! Reading your blog always brightens my day! I can't believe she is going to be in Phoenix tomorrow night. I am bummed I wish I would have known sooner!!!! Have fun at the concert


wow- how crazy is this? I just led a youth Sunday morning worship service at our church last week and my topic was on "masks" and hiding behind them for fearing people would see the person that we really are.
Thanks for your thoughts- very inspiring.

Teri, once again thank you SO much for inspiring me. I couldn't have said what you said any better. It is so good to know there are still MANY MANY good people in the word. People who have the same values and beliefs as I do. Thanks for uplifting my spirit today. :)

Also thank you so much for introducing so many new musical artist into my life. I look forward to hearing the inspirational music when I visit your blog. Can't wait to hear more :)

Kim summed braveness up so well! are always inspiring me. I'm going to share this with my children. Thanks for being so open and being "brave" enough to hit publish!

Linda J

Teri - always you inspire, always you lighten. Thank you for for being "Brave". This is an entry I will print out and re-read again & again.

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