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July 23, 2005



This is one of my favorite songs. And Jeremy ain't bad tolook at. I am all about sharing my faith as well. It's who I am. Thanks for the inspiration this morning.


I love that song. Back home Jeremy was friends with our pastor. We got to see him perform live. It was so awesome. He really is a man of faith. Especially with what happened with his first wife and the amazing love and faith he had in God. ANyway, enough of that. Thanks for sharing! Continue to shine your light! :)

heidi zsupnik


YOU, TERI...figured THIS out????

WOW!!! Congrats girl!!! That is awesome...I LOVE Jeremy Camps music...


Love the music on your blog. Don't know if you saw the thread on resizing the video but in the html code just change the width and height to about half and it won't go over your blog entries.

Linda J

Teri - your blog entries are an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing you.


Great song, Teri!!! It's so much fun, isn't it?! :) And, keep sharing yourself - that's what it's all about!


I don't know what I should hear but it is all silence on your blog. Reading your post I think I should hear something. Maybe later, I hope. Anyway have a nice day Teri



I love this song! I've listened to it 5 times!

He's really cute, too!

I agree with Heidi... you, Teri figured this out!! I knew you had it in you.




I just downloaded some of his songs, wow what a voice this man has, wonderful. Great music :) I didn't know him, he is not that wellknown overhere I guess.


Jennifer Stewart


I love reading your blog each day. It is very inspirational to me. I added you to my "Blogs I Read" list on my blog. I want people to see yours and get the same inspiration and boost of faith that I do :)
(P.S. Love the video..I do that on mine, too) :)

Jennifer Stewart


I was so looking forward to reading your post today. I enjoy reading your blog so much. Thank you for sharing the pictures of those incredible tags you made and your heartfelt journaling. And I know everyone else has already said it one way or another, but here it goes again: thanks for the inspiration!

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