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April 29, 2005


Ashley G

This is totally right on Teri... I'm a firm believer in doing my own thing. If I like it, I'm going to do it. If not, I'm not going to. If the mags like it, sweet. If not, no biggie. I'm not about to run out and buy the product of the moment just because everyone else is using it. I want my albums to look like me... Even if it ends up being totally uncool.

You have beautiful eyes by the way! :)

Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

Teri, this is beautifully said and a wonderful reminder of the need for establishing priorities and then acting upon them.


This post was so right on for me right now. After spending the last 2 months it feels like doing only pages for calls (BH sketch & ss Schemes were 2 big ones) I feel totally burnt out on scrapping. I have spent the last few weeks shopping for supplies trying to get motivated but I just bring them home and look at them. I worked so hard and then the calls went out and while I got 1 page picked up I had done so many it just felt like, what was that all for. I like the pages mostly but more pages than I like were geared for the calls so much that they are outside of my style to much. Thank you for putting out what I was feeling into words. I need to get back to my love of scrapping.


Wow! Thanks for the reminders! Very well written and it has given me much to think about!


very well said. thanks. :) Doris


Hmm... yup, I believe I know exactly the page you're referring to, although I haven't seen it yet.. ;) ..wanna hear something funny? When I finally really dived (dove?) into sb'ing, it was with the intent of getting published. I hate saying that because it seems of the whole concept behind sb'ing.. :p ..but I love creating stuff, and I've always wanted to channel that creativity into a career. Even so, the one thing I'm afraid of is that I'll turn it into "work". I love eating chocolate, but if I did it every single day without fail for the rest of my life, eventually I'd come to hate it (perish the thought!).. ;) ..anyway, your post is pretty well spot-on.. :-)


Love your perspective on this, Teri! Can I guess which layout you're talking about? Was it one for a CK cover? I just remember it was beautiful, but it surprised me because I am used to seeing such different pages from you. You do beautiful work.

Heidi Z

Truly awesome! It is true of what you say...I love getting the call...It is a challenge, it is fun, in fact, I think it is more fun than seeing the page in the magazine in a kinda sorta way!

I didn't get a call for HOF or for PKPT, and sure I know how some people feel - being bummed out and all, but what I have learned is...pick yourself up right away and do NOT let it get you down, because if you do...then you are only hurting yourself! Get that thick skin and scrap what you like!

I keep hearing over and over again "your work is stunning Heidi, your work is great, you need to submit this...(etc)" and I do, I have, but Teri, you are right! What makes me the happiest is when my kids look at their page! I watch their eyes bright up! They get so excited!

Okay, I need to rephrase 3 kids do NOT get excited! Only my daughter! She gets all giddy and giggly! It is so cute! My boys??? Their reaction is always the same..."You aren't gonna submit THAT one are you Mom??? That would be really embarrasing!!!"

Great article sis!

heidi - again...

I wanna guess the page....

BBBWWWAAAWWW!!! I know, I know...that wouldn't be fair because I KNOW which page "we" are talking about!!! :)

Shelley R.

You know you are so right on with your post Teri! And having won HOF this year I know what you are talking about. It is the fear that "OMGod I may not be what they are looking for tomorrow". Because my style is more eclectic and yes I have changed my style over the past year.. but more because I feel it change out of loving the new looks I see, influence of styles. But then my style changes in my clothes and home decor. So a little change is fine. But I don't feel good about doing a "style" that is completely removed from mine... and ultimately can not do it. My style is still me.. I can see it and I can't do "clean" to save my life. So I will enjoy this year as an HOF... but will try not to fret when my style and pages are not what they want any longer. Because as you said... I try to always remember why I began this hobby... and it wasn't to get published!



Well put, Teri. I have had to step back a bit and refocus on really *why* I scrap. I will always enjoy the thrill of seeing my work published, but I CANNOT let that determine what and how I scrap.

Sharyn (Torm)

Thank you! So wonderfully put!!!!!

Sue (suetrav)

Teri, you are so, so right!! Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of things and forget the real reason we scrap. I too have been swept up in SS Schems and PKPT madness and had absolutely no creative energy left after those two.

I am saving this for future reference!!!

PS - thanks so much for commenting on my blog :) You made my day!!


Couldn't agree with you more! I just recently was feeling a little disillusioned, so I took my pile of Christmas photos and scrapped them, just for my intention of submitting. I think it worked to get me back on track and in the right frame of mind. Reading your entry just confirmed what I was feeling, thanks.

courtney walsh

I devoured this whole thing, Teri - I needed that right now. (Did you know that somehow??) - Divine connection, maybe! LOL :) You are awesome. And I think it's hilarious that your dog's name is Toby Mac. :)



Here, here, Teri!

I am a PROCESS scrapper. I love the DOING of it. So how I do it changes because I love to keep that fresh for me, to enjoy making each page. I hate to admit that I don't keep up with the trends. I'm not sure what the mags are even looking for right now. HoF is a huge huge honor! And I feel so validated by it. But now, validation isn't my main goal. Doing it, doing it and making ME happy is my new goal. In the end, process or product scrapper, you have to make yourself happy! -E


I agree with everything you've said. And this is what I've been going thru the past week or so. I created SO many pages for ST Vacation call, and let myself become overconfident I would get a call. I made 2 BH sketches, 1 SS, and 2 pet pages for the PK call. And in all those pages I suddenly made because that's what the mags were looking for, none of them were picked up. The realization of the quadruple-reject by last Friday evening was very disheartening. Almost devastating. I've had over 30 pages published in the past with some smaller publications, and I don't think any of them were made specifically for any one call. My heart wasn't in the pages I was making because it wasn't what *I* wanted to scrap at the moment. Sure I enjoyed making them, I enjoyed catching up on my vacation album and I covered a lot of ground, but there was a certain something missing in them. I missing the thrill of making a page because I *really* wanted to make that page then. So last weekend I decided to make pages for myself. No pressure. I scrapped about Easter, quirky personality traits, school, and being a mom. And I think that they turned out fantastic. It was almost as though the rejection of those calls had made me turn out some great pages. And the ironic thing? I only uploaded and submitted one of those. The other 3 I'm hanging onto. I might submit them in the future, or I might hold them for MMM. So it's almost like my own little secret I'm holding by holding those out from submitting. I'm going back to scrapping for me and my family. If something fits a call, I'll probably submit it. But no more making something specifically for a call. At least for a while.


Three (hundred) cheers for YOU!!! I have been preaching this for YEARS to all of my friends who are so consumed by allowing their art be defined by "publication." Blech! I love what I do and I do what I love! If/When it gets to the point that that EVER changes, even in the smallest way, I will not do it any longer.

I love this craft. I love it for the way it feels and looks and smells when my hands are inky and sticky and paint-covered. I love the way I can pattern just the perfect masterpiece to showcase the spirit or mood I have been lucky enough to capture through the lens. I love that what I create is mine - all mine - and just for MY benefit. I love the creative release I find in my craft. I love it ALL and refuse to let someone else define it's perfection to me.

Your words are brilliant and timely! A reality check for the masses and I applaud you for your sage advice!

Brava, Teri!




Oh maaaan, was it the CK cover?! Oh well, I loved it anyway. ;-) I had a professor in college who said the quickest way to hate your hobby is to turn it into a profession. Isn't that sad? Shouldn't we all be allowed to make money doing what we love to do? I think of him, though, every time I dare to dream of trying to turn this scrappin' thing into a job. :-(

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